Saturday, November 14, 2009

Congress - stay out of the way, let Professionals do their job first on Hasan

For all those asking why Obama is telling Congress to wait - there IS such a thing as procedure. If Congress steps in too soon and starts giving immunity or in other ways interfering, then HASAN's prosecution could be hindered. (remember Ollie North?? He was GUILTY and found so, but had to be let go because Congress gave immunity)

And there BETTER be some people found guilty here, from the army promoting someone who was so bad that some said they would never refer a patient to him, to the placing of such a bad 'shrink' to the front lines of a battle when he had already made comments that such soldiers deserve to die. These IDIOTS were more than that and need to at LEAST be demoted and drummed out of the Army.

Hasan should have been removed a year ago, not allowed to complete his medical training (WE paid for it) because he reportedly was unstable, and placed under close scrutiny at the least, and since he is in the army, his comments alone were probably enough to get him put in the stockade for months or years.

I looked at one of his postings, and yea you could say it was just a '"study"; but I didn't have the context of all the other things he had said. In it, he didn't seem to support suicide bombing (the news agencies say it did) but to me it DID say that going down like Butch and Sundance, with even a small chance to live, was OK.

Lastly, our MANY agencies are supposed to be joined under "Homeland Security" -- what a joke. Under Bush we saw that this agency was just another place to put friends to pay them for 'past favors' (remember "Brownie", the horse manager? He got a slap on the back as N.O. was still under water and people were trapped in the 'Dome'). It seems that some help is still needed in the ranks. After several accounts came out about FBI CIA NSA and others not talking, we see another massive failure of AGENCIES NOT TALKING TO EACH OTHER. The Army was also supposed to be a part of this 'intelligence group', and we now see that it has failed us, maybe because of "sensitivity training" -- they didn't want to point out someone in a certain religion who was acting up. There has GOT to be action at ALL LEVELS to make this a safer country.

[[[ separately I posted this next one in response to those who blamed Obama, some saying "he knew/should have known about the guy" and did nothing --]]]

Hey - I didn't like Bush at all -- so many reasons, for starters he was in the pocket of big business, and an idiot. And Obama is not on my buddy list either.

But for ANY of you to think that EITHER of them would/should have known about Hasan -- YOU are the idiots!

The Army failed to even report his actions to superiors outside their local command. They let him finish medical training even though he was getting bad reports; they did nothing about his postings; nothing about his yelling at soldiers; nothing about his many other oddities; and finally, they PROMOTED him.

POTUS, whomever he may be at the time, would never have knowledge of a single soldiers' actions, if the immediate superiors DON'T DO THEIR JOB and report him. Even then, until he was deemed a terrorist openly, he would not have heard of him.

Posted as a "Comment" response to a USAToday article

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ft. Hood Shooting - FBI Fu*ked up Royal

There are reports today (11/10/09) that the FBI is looking at whether if (daa - YES) it screwed up an actual investigation months earlier of the shooter Nidal Hasan. It was checking up on him at least by Dec. 2008, continuing into 2009.

They had actual intercepts of phone calls from him to “radical Imam” Anwar al-Awlaki, whom actively advocates attacks on the U.S. And Hasan makes comments, even rants, that other soldiers reported to the Army, and Hasan posts things on the web (that maybe I read wrong too - tough to read "crazy"), and still the CID, FBI, NSA combined can't figure out that the guy has 'converted to terrorism'?

I tell you, it is the kind of F-up that makes you think that maybe we DO have a government that purposely looks the other way so we are attacked - for the sole reason to buy arms to support businesses.

What other reason could there be for such a mistake? stupidity? willful neglect? treason? Pick your accusation.

Part of the reporting says that Hasan was telling other doctors he was "friends" with ("quotes" because he would have shot them if they were there) that all Muslims should be released from military duty as conscientious objectors rather than fight in Muslim occupied areas. They say he even did a formal presentation about the same point. MY first question would be - should we release Christians if we are fighting in Europe? or Jews? Surely we would have to take THEIR RELIGION into account - hell, every religion would have to be taken into account for every place in the world that we go to defend ourselves, or some group (um - our last involvement in Europe was saving a lot of Muslims, fool).

As soon as he started advocating such crap, the Army should have not have just restricted his movements, but look at whether they had enough on him right then to charge him with treason. Yet FBI, CID, etc all decided he was just a little mixed up, not a threat. That he was asking "philosophical questions" of the radical Imam (whom used to preach directly to him).

[You know, I would think that, regardless of the reason, if military personnel have contact with anyone advocating the destruction of our country, there should be a REQUIREMENT to notify superiors immediately. It would not stop them, but would automatically make it a legal issue so they could be locked up. And to actively seek such contact, outside of formal intelligence gathering, maybe should be defined as treason.]

PLUS, to start with, it was Muslims that attacked us, killing people of all religions, including his precious Muslims. So why was he not screaming in the streets "oh brother Muslims, how could you kill those of your own faith? Ours is a religion of peace - how could you kill anyone not attacking your person?" Ah - the comfort of having a religion that says "I'm OK, but you're not - you are an infidel who should convert or die".

[Of course, EVERY religion at least says "I am sane and going to heaven, but you don't believe the same as me, so you will go to Hell." And some have even come up with people who claim to speak for "God" and will forgive your sins so you can feel free to think all is OK, and then can go sin again tomorrow.]

Back to this traitor, his attorneys are setting the stage for him to use an insanity defense, perhaps that his status as a "peaceful Muslim, he could not bring himself to wage war against other Muslims", as though people of all other religions were worth killing. Hey, are you Muslims going to support this? It is saying that ALL MUSLIMS ARE INSANE IF YOU SUPPORT HIS POSITION. So I must ask - ARE YOU?