Friday, April 16, 2010

Catholic Bishop Convicted for Denial of Holocaust

Recently a PRIEST from Germany DENIED THE HOLOCAUST !!! It made news because, though he did an AP interview in a different European country (AND asked that it NOT be shown in Germany because of "Non-Denial" laws there) it was shown on TV, and on the internet, in Germany.

"The interview was conducted near Regensburg and was granted shortly before Williamson's excommunication was lifted by Pope Benedict XVI, along with that of three other bishops from the anti-modernization movement of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre."

MY RESPONSE to the many comments made after the post - many also saying that either people were not mass-murdered, or that "we need an investigation" :

It is nearly 100% -- that every person who denies the Holocaust is also one who would do today if they could.

So if YOU want to kill millions, why deny that Nazis DID IT ??? The PICTURES ARE AVAILABLE, SURVIVORS (though very few now) ARE AVAILABLE (as is video of their stories).

I guess the main reason to deny it is so when they do it, no one will believe it, and they won't have to face JUSTICE.

It is probably illegal to deny it in Germany for this reason - that given the chance, many would do it again.

I ALSO posted that the Priest should be excommunicated -- then I went back and saw that HE WAS (by Pope Paul II ?) but that the current pope lifted that order. (And people wonder why I hate religions -- they are two-faced, and prey on the ignorant)

The 'church' should be demanding that all services this week include comments that the Holocaust DID happen -- fat chance that will happen; looks like Pope Benedict wants to deny it too, if he lifted the order.