Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill -- but do it safely.

While I agree that you must go after BP, freezing assets would mean they could not operate the business, therefore NOT be able to pay for cleanup, pay workers, businesses hurt by all of this. Better would be to pressure them to not pay but a minimal (if any) dividend, and divert any other money possible to Americans hurt by their actions. Further, hit them too hard and they will declare bankruptcy, and then we get only a few billion from asset sales - years later.

Then we need to prosecute officials for unsafe practices, or whatever else we can, including 'wrongful death' since the shortcuts caused 11 people to die. That would INCLUDE MMS people who didn't do their job, took bribes, etc.

Last (and needs to happen ASAP) is to pass laws that mandate procedures for operation, record keeping, etc, so this never happens again.

We MUST drill offshore. But we need to have the utmost care in how it is done. Sen. Sanders (VT) is saying "no" to offshore. But that is where the oil is, and all other options are either too costly (including enriching our enemies) or decades away from being enough to power America.

(Sent to Rep. Kissell, D, NC on 6/15/10)