Thursday, June 10, 2010

OBAMA Admisistration -- just how STUPID ARE THEY?

Let me first say -- I would have voted for someone ELSE if there was a decent candidate. 

TODAY (6/10/10) the news reports say that President Obama says British Petroleum (BP)  must pay for ALL other laid off workers, even those out of work because Obama has placed a 6 month moratorium on all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

WHAT? I can't agree that any company be forced to pay for something the Government 'decrees' like this. Should there be a moratorium? YES - until ALL of the rigs are checked thoroughly for all safety procedures, that ALL 'blow out preventers' (BOP) are fully TESTED and verified by regulators, and the same with all other things related to the drilling platforms, AND the production platforms, performing "as claimed". And that all procedures are FILED with the government, and that they meet the highest possible standards worldwide.

BTW - lawyers say that the filing requirement "as built" is NOT the same as filing the actual AS IS on the platforms. BULLSHIT. Any common sense would say that they MUST file paperwork for AS THINGS ARE, not as they "might be."

But for the GOVERNMENT to stop a company (in this case, multiple companies) from doing it's work for months, and then demand another company PAY ALL THE WORKERS -- THAT IT NUTS. It might sound OK to some radicals, but will NEVER stand up in a court.

Is BP at fault for the disaster in the Gulf? YES - 100% YES. Should they pay for cleanup, for other businesses like shrimpers, deep sea fishermen, hotels, etc, that can't work while the oil pollutes the waters? YES.

But for them to pay the workers of Anadarko, Shell, and ANY other because OBAMA said 'you can't drill here for whatever random time period I declare' will NEVER be done.

If this Administration keeps making up crap like this, BP may well declare bankruptcy and walk away from the entire thing. The Obama administration needs to GET REALISTIC about this situation.

Now that I think about it - maybe they WANT all this to fail. If they are 'in cahoots' with the oil industry, by making these demands, they are forcing the bankruptcy, and therefore the NON-payment by BP. All of this will cost about 5-10 years of profits. Few companies could ever sustain this, and none will do so willing.