Monday, October 4, 2010

Election Money - Questionable Sources

In the New Your Times (10/2/2010) article "The Secret Sponsors" it is revealed that the SOURCE of money to challenge people running for, or defending current political post (does not matter if I like the person or not), is coming from totally un-knowable sources. 

The companies placing advertisements (online, billboard, radio, television) are hiding who is hiring them. THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE BAD SUPREME COURT DECISION EQUATING COMPANIES TO PEOPLE.

It was practically "foretold" that secret accounts and organizations would be formed in order to do everything from legitimate sponsoring of candidates, to "attack ads" and such where they say "we don't like what this guy has done, stands for", etc, though they really don't have anything positive. It amounts to slandering people, and not being held responsible.

Thanks, SCOTUS, for undermining our republic once again.