Friday, August 20, 2010

The WORLD has an "Extremist" Problem

I posted there -

Not Just the USA, but the WORLD has a Muslim problem. Look at the many times Britain has either been attacked, or found some about to attack. AND they have groups actively (though "peacefully" for now) promoting imposing Sharia 'law' there. Scandinavian countries are having problems too. Plus Somalia, Yemen, and others being pushed around by radicals.

But it is NOT ALL Muslims. Just like the many times 'christians' started wars to impose their beliefs, and the many different countries imposing rule (Spanish or Portuguese over the Incas and Mayans, etc) or the Pope to push his religion around the world, some group has decided they are better than the rest and want to force others to go along, or die. SOME group will always try this - ‘today’ it is Muslim extremists. ‘Tomorrow’ it might be Baptists, skinheads, or Russia.

We DO need to be careful about generalizing - but Muslims too MUST start preaching, openly, AGAINST RADICALS in their midst, and against those on web sites, etc. MUSLIMS need to get in front of this problem, because the most effective way to effect change is always from INSIDE a group. From outside, all you get is oppression, or annihilation. Both of those harm the innocent. Including American patriots.