Friday, August 6, 2010

We ARE still in Trouble, America

I POSTED in comments for 
AP Exclusive: CIA whisked detainees from Gitmo --- 8/6/2010

America has been taken by radicals of both parties. If you ever watched CNN "Crossfire" you saw the manipulation. One side makes a good point, then tosses in some stupid comment, so the other side can jump on that instead of having to agree on the good idea.

It was designed just to keep the two parties fighting, screaming that the 'others' were destroying America.

Maybe both were right.

This was brought out because of comments 'dissing' someone for a fairly clear argument, but someone else called 'rambling' or 'incoherent' (well, they didn't put it that way -- they didn't have the education).

All of us need to look at the decisions being made about America's schools; we constantly hear that they are not teaching our kids and that something has to be changed. Worse yet, they keep wanting to add some 'off the wall' class because of some new 'problem' (race relations, gender relations, or whatever).

But I think the real problem is that we have left behind what GOT US HERE - the education style done in the 1950's and 1960's. Those schools, and maybe better yet the decades before them, produced some fairly well educated people. We made cars, bridges, computers, and so much more, and we could, for the most part, tell when a politician was lying to us.

Today, the 'right' and the 'left' scream "doesn't care about America" and no one looks beyond that to the issue on the block.

Sad. Very sad. Americans just can't think clearly anymore.